Monday, September 4

Banbury girls birthday party was a blast

Rosie had a great Gold party with us at BB Studio and her friends from Banbury.  She chose Black Magic to get the party rolling and everyone sang this really well.  After the photoshoot she bounced back in to sing a duet with her friend Abigail choosing Shut Up & Dance.  Very cool moment as they sang almost hand in hand under some funky spot lights and all their friends gave them high scores with the scorecards - of course! Then the group got back together to sing Can't Stop the Feeling and performed to themselves (using our crazy hair & glasses) before nipping into the green-screen filming room to complete the video shoot.  Top party finishing with some lovely cake!!

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Tuesday, July 11

Ready Set Go! Timelapse video of a party!!


At our parties we are trying new ideas all the time and this is a timelapse video of an entire 3 hour party shown in less than 1 minute!! Its really cool.

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Stratford party girls have joint 8th birthday party


Freya & Wren had a brilliant joint birthday party recently and totally rocked the afternoon singing Cheap Thrills by Sia, then making a video to Meghan Trainors song Me Too.  They totally enjoyed the premises and we managed to get a cool little video of them singing Happy Birthday out there - in front of the local residents - a herd of friendly cattle.

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Wednesday, April 27

Leamington Spa 11 year olds at Pop Star Party

Simar and her friends went wild with enthusiasm at their party recently.  A smaller group but tons of energy from them all kept this group bouncing till the end - we always finish the parties with a disco in our Live Room filled with fog - it's an amazing atmosphere.

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11 year olds from Lichfield totally rock the party

Dressing up and using fake instruments never got so good - all these girls had a top time totally entering into the spirit of the party at all levels.  Some wonderful singing and great acting up to the camera made for a brilliant video too.

I want to thank the girls here also for their patience in posing all around the studio for some great new publicity shots - although the posing didn't seem too tricky for them as you can see!

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Pop Star Party for 8 year olds from Redditch

These kids from Redditch had tons of fun and Mum n Dad were in on the action all the way.
12 children is the maximum number of party pals we entertain so we keep them all doing the same stuff all the time.  With singing, dancing, filming, eating and lots of posing it's a good idea they stay together.

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Monday, April 11

10 year olds twins from Tanworth-in-Arden enjoy Pop Star Party birthday treat

Emma and Lucy brought a big gang of their 10 year old friends to their joint birthday party at the barn with us recently and chose Little Mix songs for both their CD recordings and video.

Everything went very nicely and the girls got their songs sounding awesome very quickly, working well together as a team, leaving plenty of time to film them making their pop video.

A great group with lots of lively characters making for a very fun packed party - well done everyone.

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Visit: for all the information you need (mobile friendly too!)
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