Friday, November 13

Tis the season of parties in Coventry and Warwickshire for kids and don't forget the adults

Parties, parties, parties ...

So Halloween came and went, but surprisingly even at the barn in Coventry we were 'trick or treated' (by the farmers son & his mates!) which was a surprise to the band Audio Narcotix from Rugby who were recording with me at the time and having their own party!

Next came Bonfire Night and most of my town turned out for the fire at the castle. Now that's an organised party if ever I saw one - fireworks, local radio station and countless stewards from the local round tables etc.

So whats next? - Christmas!!
Many of you in Coventry may want to organise a party for the festive fun season, so why not get your friends to have a Xmas Pop Star Party at the barn. Over recent weeks I have held them for a 21st birthday, 2 sisters having a reunion, some 11 year olds and have a group of 10 year olds in this saturday.

The Recording Experience is something a lot of people enjoy and you could turn an office party into a team building exercise by all learning the words and singing together. The possibilities (and indeed the laughs) are endless!

Gifts are priceless too and I have had a few older folk come along on the Gift package to record their favourite songs bought for them by relatives; mostly singing but often playing piano or guitar. This is the time of year to treat your friends and family to a Christmas gift they could perhaps only dream of, and let them have a day in our Coventry studio for free for Christmas!

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