Monday, December 7

What happens at the pop star parties

The parties are designed for kids/youths aged around 8 - 18 really, although we have had older groups.

So what do we do?

When the Pop Star Party pals arrive then everyone gets to take a look around the premises and get used to the funky environment - and learn where the loo's are!!

Then as quickly as possible we either split the group or get everyone together, to sing the first song. This gets the nerves running on overdrive and usually gets the giggles pouring out of everyone.

Everyone grabs a set of headphones and stands in a circle around our special mic and we run the track.

After a couple of goes there is usually a good take and decisions get made as to what we do next depending on the plan as determined before hand with the planner/s.

At some point half way through the session the groups break from singing, put on silly hats(age not remotely dependent - everyone loves the hats) and the buffet is brought out and cake if that was ordered.

After filling everyone with even more excitement there's another shorter recording session and then the finished products are mixed and transferred to CD for the party leader/s.

Photos are taken throughout the day as a group, or in front of the main vocal mic and these are available afterwards.

Most importantly everyone has a great time and eats lots of fun food!!

Hope to see you and our party here soon.
All Born in a Barn recording studio Pop Star Party Pals will now receive a certificate for their successes behind the mic and the 'party' leader will receive a CD of the recording with their picture on - or a group picture if they like.

With 6 booked out this year already the experience has been improved yet again.

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