Friday, January 29

18 Pop Star Party pals under 1 roof

The biggest Pop Star Party we have accommodated is 18 so far - can you beat this?

There were 18 boys all around 11 in this big Pop Star Party event and each went home with a copy of the song they recorded and a very fat tum from the buffet and cake they all munched! They didn't stop still & we couldn't get them all in 1 photo!

Visit: for all the information you need (mobile friendly too!)
or find us on FaceBook or Twitter:

Booking a party is easy - send an email to the studio either direct or from this site and we will contact you to maek al necessary arrangements. Parties last 4 hours and at least 1 responsible adult is requested to stay with the group.

Pop Star Party is designed for groups of children recording voices, but if you have other wishes then we will adapt to suit your needs, as we have with a young group of brothers all in a start-up band.

Anything is possible.

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