Monday, January 25

Gift Recordings

So recording isn't for you huh?? How about someone you know and love?

Is Mum/Dad always singing in the shower?
Does your brother/sister/best friend always sing to their i-Pod (but miss out the complicated bits)?

Read on.........
Most fun activities now offer some kind of 'experience' offer (from sky diving to scuba diving) & that is exactly what we are offering your friends & family here.

Everyone sings to the radio and some dream of being on stage - we provide the opportunity for someone who perhaps would not normally dare!! Most popstars are quite shy (out of the limelight) whilst bashfull people often shine given the chance. Think about your friends & family – who do you know who would revel in the chance to grab their 15 minutes of fame?

Just 3 easy steps to making someone elses dream come true - yes even Granny!!

1. Decide which family member or friend you would like to treat
2. Think of a time convenient to them that this could be accomplished
3. Pick up the phone and speak to us!

Visit: for all the information you need (mobile friendly too!)
or find us on FaceBook or Twitter:

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