Thursday, December 2

New furniture being built for 'Pop Star Party' lovers at Born in a Barn Studio

We always listen to our customers at Born in a Barn Studio (well its part of the job really!) and one suggestion was that the headphones could be hung on a stand in the room to save the 'spaghetti incident' occurring when they are put on the floor - so we have taken this wonderful idea and custom built our very own 'Pop Star Party Headphone Station' which will hold up to 8 pairs of cans - you lucky lot! Not only does it look cool but its got hydraulics and it may even light up!

We don't do things by halves at the 'barn' - why not book your party now.

Although many parties are run for younger children the theme can be easily adapted for older kids and young adults. Singing is always the focus, fun is guaranteed and a unique experience of being in a recording studio, which can't be gained anywhere else in the midlands, due to our spacious live room and cool setting on a farm with buffet, laser disco & personalised CDs.

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