Monday, February 28

Coventry kids have a JLS themed Pop Star Party

It had to happen sooner or later - a JLS theme party. The song choice was 'Eyes Wide Shut' and initially it proved a task!! However the groups settled down and after a lot of patience we got a great group version of the song complete with a rap in the middle by Michala Tempah!!!! Such a shame the JLS lookalikes couldn't come.

Sister Stephanie held her group together very well and the whole event was a pleasure to run. Some of the lads had recording experience too which helped and just look at the cake - inspired by their trip to see the X-Factor tour the previous week, this was a party to remember.

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Birthday party for 13 year olds from Balsall Common

Just last week (a very busy week) we ran a Pop Star Party right in the middle of a full-week block-booking of the studio. This called for a lot of tidying up - believe me - but we got there and only the enormous double bass drum kit was left in the party room, cunningly disguised behind the display boards. Thanks to the band 'The Grade' from Chasetown for being so helpful.

Anna was the birthday girl and 2 of her mates were called Hannah, which got a bit confusing when we got everyone in front of the all new pop up 'banner' for a photo shoot. I'm rambling but it was fun!
She brought an amazing purpose-dressed cake for our cake competition, which is being held on our 'Facebook Fanpage for Pop Star Party' (bit of a mouthful - try saying out loud 3 times!)

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So - here are a couple of pics and once again, Happy Birthday Anna, from Balsall Common - I'm sure you will all remember this party for a while.

Sunday, February 6

Unusual birthday party for 13 year olds from Earl Shilton

Gosh what a mad afternoon it was today!! Hope from Earl Shilton had chosen to sing/rap to 'Like a G6' which I thought was going to be interesting to work but we did it. Hope had a fairly big party with 11 friends and it was unusual because there were 3 lads in the group too.

After a nerve racking start things soon slipped into place and the group song was complete. The solo went really well with Hope choosing to sing with Millie and delivering a great version in just 2 takes - well done both and happy birthday Hope - Hope you had a good time!!!

Hope covered all bases by having loads of chocolate cup cakes as well as the birthday cake but this is the one entered into our growing cake competition.

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Saturday, February 5

Pop Star Party for 12 year olds from Malvern

What a great afternoon we just had with Elly and her party pals from Malvern, Worcestershire where X-Factor's Cher lives and is a friend of Ellys'. Choosing to sing 'Just The Way You Are' and really well prepared for it the session was so relaxed. Elly did a very cool solo to it - standing on a box!

The party food didn't last long today and the cup cakes for our competition were very well decorated. Well done Elly and happy birthday!

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The party ran really smoothly which was handy as it was being filmed in preparation for a video about Pop Star Party, by John at 'One Marketing Strategy'. I first met John last summer when he got involved in the FIFA 2010 football song Born in a Barn Studio was pushing.
Partying in every room including upstairs in the Chillzone there wasn't a dull moment and of course the disco at the end got us all tired. The video is being shot over 3 parties with the next one tomorrow afternoon. Cheers John!!

Wednesday, February 2

Pop Star Party for a 50th birthday celebration

Pop Star Party can be for almost any age and last weekend (for 2 full days including overnight) we hosted a very special re-union of chaps, now all aged 50, but whom hadn't seen each other since they were in their 20's. At points there were up to 10 people jamming it out, in our live room - here they were actually working!

Tony from Kenilworth got together with his old band mates from over 20 years ago and embarked on re-living the moments. Recording 1 main track properly and most of the many jam sessions plus making a video to remember the event was a taxing enough event. On the second day around another 5 friends popped in to 'guest' on the recordings to add to the fun. They even invited a couple of teenage sons which all added to the magic. A video was made (see pic below) but it's very unlikely this will ever be added here. Pop Star Party brings out the best in all of us and ensures fun at every level. Check the website for more details here: PSP at BBStudio

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Tuesday, February 1

Benchmark Adverts

Pop Star Party advertises in many places & some are shown here as I was sent some photos this week by a friend/user of the studio. 3 from the Pheasant in Withybrook - really close to the studio. Last summer we bought into advertising on family picnic tables in Warwickshire through a company called 'Benchmark'. I'm told the plaques are on the following pubs:

Zetland Arms - Warwick

Rose & Crown - Coventry

Pheasant - Withybrook

Beggars Bush - Sutton Coldfield

Coombe Abbey - Coventry

Bowling Green - Southam

If anyone spots one or eats at one then do please send me a photo - the company move them about a bit and trial certain areas etc.. I admit it's more of a summer thing but keep those eyes open!

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