Monday, February 28

Birthday party for 13 year olds from Balsall Common

Just last week (a very busy week) we ran a Pop Star Party right in the middle of a full-week block-booking of the studio. This called for a lot of tidying up - believe me - but we got there and only the enormous double bass drum kit was left in the party room, cunningly disguised behind the display boards. Thanks to the band 'The Grade' from Chasetown for being so helpful.

Anna was the birthday girl and 2 of her mates were called Hannah, which got a bit confusing when we got everyone in front of the all new pop up 'banner' for a photo shoot. I'm rambling but it was fun!
She brought an amazing purpose-dressed cake for our cake competition, which is being held on our 'Facebook Fanpage for Pop Star Party' (bit of a mouthful - try saying out loud 3 times!)

Visit: for all the information you need (mobile friendly too!)
or find us on FaceBook or Twitter:
So - here are a couple of pics and once again, Happy Birthday Anna, from Balsall Common - I'm sure you will all remember this party for a while.

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