Wednesday, February 2

Pop Star Party for a 50th birthday celebration

Pop Star Party can be for almost any age and last weekend (for 2 full days including overnight) we hosted a very special re-union of chaps, now all aged 50, but whom hadn't seen each other since they were in their 20's. At points there were up to 10 people jamming it out, in our live room - here they were actually working!

Tony from Kenilworth got together with his old band mates from over 20 years ago and embarked on re-living the moments. Recording 1 main track properly and most of the many jam sessions plus making a video to remember the event was a taxing enough event. On the second day around another 5 friends popped in to 'guest' on the recordings to add to the fun. They even invited a couple of teenage sons which all added to the magic. A video was made (see pic below) but it's very unlikely this will ever be added here. Pop Star Party brings out the best in all of us and ensures fun at every level. Check the website for more details here: PSP at BBStudio

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