Monday, March 7

Birthday Party fro 16 year old from Coventry goes Rock Star

OK so when Demi and her crew of 16 yr old, new age rockers came to Born in a Barn Studio wanting to record 'Long Way to the Top' by ACDC I knew things were gonna get loud. When I was told last minute they wanted to do the School of Rock version by Jack Black I knew anything could happen. Not 'the norm' describes this party most accurately - but we like things on the edge. Basically it's a power rock track turned bonkers and takes a lot of determination to carry it off - the group were a great laugh but more of a motley crew than Bonn Scott but hey - anything that involves bagpipes can take music to any level.

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When Demi did her solo song though which was 'Man That Can't be Moved' we saw a very different side to things and are looking forward to her returning soon. Lovely to see such a cool cake and for a small group it was pretty fast paced with everyone enjoying the experience. Rock Star!!

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