Sunday, May 22

The Jordan Williams

It's a Pop Star Party day again but i wanted to add a quick post about the new pop star who is evolving quickly from Born in a Barn Studio - Jordan Williams or you may know him as Mr Coventry.
Heres a pic of Jordan by the Pop Star Party mic - never a dull moment at BB Studio.

Jordan won the Mr Coventry contest a few weeks ago and has been recording some new material with us to help him in the Mr England contest on July 19th. Further to this he and the winner of Miss Coventry have become a couple (ahhh!!) which is very unusual and has never happened in the Miss England/Mr England contests. Slowly the press are cathing on to this phenomena.

Jordan is being promoted by RantProd through Born in a Barn Studio and was in a very special place called Model Camp only yesterday getting top tips on how to look his best at all times - not difficult for this guy!!

Jordan Williams has 2 videos being made which will be put on YouTube very soon but he can be followed on Twitter here or on Facebook for now.

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