Sunday, June 26

10 year olds from Nuneaton enjoy Pop Star Party

So it was 30 degrees or thereabouts and all the doors were open today.
It's great we can do this on the farm without upsetting anyone.
What a big party Molly had arriving in some style after an hours drive-around in a 16-seater hummer stretch limo - so big i never saw it!! The driver nipped off before i got outside.

With 13 friends this was a big party and we got through a lot. Molly was initially way too scared to consider doing a solo but there's just something about a Pop Star Party that makes everyone loose their nerves and just take the challenge - well done Molly, backed up by her friend Grace, but executed very well in the end.
The song today was Justin Biebers 'Baby' and although not a particular favourite to everyone, the choice was right for the group. Well done everybody and i hope you enjoy the rest of the day.

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Mollys Dad Gez, must be a very proud father as even he signed the graffiti boards - well organised party, Dad!!

Our very own pop star Jordan Williams (Mr Cov 2011) and his lovely girlfriend Lauren Abbott (Miss Cov 2011) managed to drop in today as well, since this was very much a home crowd (all living in Nuneaton). Even tho' they were up half the night after a radio interview in Shropshire then walked a 12 mile walk for charity - what a pair. Jordan is promoting his new single 'Just Like A Film' which is out on iTunes July 1st.

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