Sunday, July 3

Warwick 10 year olds from Crackley Hall enjoy Pop Star Party

Well i never thought I would see a musical goal but this was certainly worth fighting for.
Lexi and friends from Crackley Hall also did Price Tag today but made the rap special by doing a 'rap off' to decide who could do it best - Lucy won so help Lexi in the final takes.

I think the funniest thing was the organised pop star pose photo today - its not easy getting 9 people to all do the same thing - if you can do better then why not book yourself a Pop Star Party and come n show us how its done! It's not as easy as it looks believe!!

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The disco was loud today and we had a private first play of RantProd Music Productions new female artist Axil Rose. Everyone was diggin' the track which is always nice.

Graffitiing the white board was not a problem tho!!

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