Tuesday, August 2

Childrens party for 9 year olds from Solihull & Knowle

It was time for a big party with Price Tag as song choice for Lily and her crew. It must be the heat but we had excitement overload for 3 hours today. The buffet was a hit and the poor smoke machine was in overdrive mode for them. The screaming during Happy Birthday was intense. Lily took a hoody so I look forward to seeing a photo of her in that soon. Well done everyone - see yu soon.

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1 comment:

  1. Welcome – 10/10 – you made all the kids feel at home
    Explanation of party 10/10 – and you explained the recording process very well
    Running of party 9/10 – they were getting a bit restless at the end…I’d consider shortening to 2.5 hours maybe
    General fun 11/10 – absolutely tops
    Buffet 8/10 – prob do a slightly wider sandwich selection and maybe have seats/table – nearby barn? The kids were fine, but it felt a bit strange them eating on bunk beds!
    Disco 8/10 – great chance to hear the CD although they were getting a bit hot/boisterous by this point
    CD – 10/10 – top quality, great personalised gift (cheaper than party bag too!) and brill for kids to see how/help them get made

    I have already forwarded your details on to a couple of parents – we have been raving about party