Wednesday, February 15

Wormington 14 year olds enjoy pop star birthday party

Uh Oh! Its the girls from Evesham that like to say "Uh Oh!" about a million times - there's a reason!

 Besides modelling the great new masks we got from Dragons Dens clients Mask-erade these girls had a really laid back 14th birthday celebration singing Glee's version of Landslide and then Francesca making Ed Sheerans The A Team look easy. Top stuff girls. The Uh Oh section in Landslide did take the spotlight for a serious amount of time though - but we got there in the end - well done everyone.

 Another very happy group after doing the red carpet photo shoot and CD cover shoot. Punching the sky was not really their thing but we had some very interesting pop star parade poses - top party.

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