Monday, March 26

10 year olds from Warwickshire enjoy biggest party this year

Izzy from somewhere in Warwickshire called Leek Wooton brought a bus load of mates to Pop Star Party and had an amazing time. The studio was full but buzzing. 1 Directions 'What Makes You Beautiful' was chosen to get this party rocking and with such a lot of great voices it was a tremendous success. But the solo spot was something else - Adele's classic Someone Like You was the choice and Izzy really did well to deliver it so nicely.

 Strike that pose - wicked!!

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 Attempts with the lights to make the room go all one colour - not easy with 15 excited girls!

Henley in Arden 9 year olds birthday at Pop Star Party

Ellie has some friends - some very, very crazy friends and didn't they have a good party at Born in a Barn Studio. With One Directions hit What Makes You Beautiful and Jessie J's Price Tag as classic choices things went very well, but it was one of the liveliest parties run to date! So much so I kinda forgot about the camera. Well done Ellie tho and happy birthday. See you next year.

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12 year olds from Loughborough at Pop Star Party

It was always going to be a Jessie J day and I wasn't let down by Chloe, 12, from Loughborough and her party pals. They sang Twilight by Cover Drive as a group which was good fun and went very well, then after their food and the photos Chloe sang Price Tag whilst the rest decided to become Jessie J herself.
These new masks are causing a bit of a national stir and we are lucky to have the company making them right on our doorstep - check out Mask-arade to get some for yourself or order them through the studio when booking your Pop Star Party.

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Sunday, March 18

Stratford 8 year olds enjoy birthday at Pop Star Party

LilyMae had her 8th birthday celebrations with us at Born in a Barn Studio enjoying a fun packed pop star party singing Black Eyed Peas 'I Gotta Feeling' as her group song - its a tricky number as the repetition and variation in the song are made to sound very easy but the groups handled it really well.

They had fun in Pop Star Parade and we did manage to get the room to go blue for only for a split second.
 Stratford must be the epicentre of multiculturality as LilyMae had friends with French, Spanish, Maltese, Japanese and Italian backgrounds - but British songwriter and pop star Jessie J was the choice for her solo and hearing Price tag sung as a solo made a nice change - well done LilyMae!

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Monday, March 12

Hen Party Fun at Pop Star Party for Midlands girls

Sophie from Bidford Upon Avon arrived in style to her Hen Party at Born in a Barn Studio using 2 stretch limos to convey her party girls courtesy of Snobs Limos once again. These cars look amazing inside. Today we had an American theme so the cars were very appropriate and we certainly had a good knees up!!!

Everyone was so excited and the weather was great so we were able to start the party with some bubbly out on the new decking in style.

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Sophie had chosen 3 songs plus a solo and has of course had a special song written for her (courtesy of RantProd Music Production). Todays was based on Rizzle Kicks 'Mama Do The Hump' and since she and her fiancee are Volkswagen mad we called it The V-Dub Step!!

The group singing was great fun and everyone got into the spirit with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun but the solo was a high point of this party as Sophie really worked hard to sing Charlene Soraia's Wherever you Will Go - well done Sophie - it sounds ace.

After some special guests appearances and more celebrations in the Party Pod it was sadly time for everyone to leave. Everyone was definitely merry and the ride home looked soooo posh. See you again one day Sophie and most of all GOOD LUCK!!

Friday, March 9

Binley 10 year olds enjoy Pop Star Party

Hollie, who has been to a party with us at Born in a Barn Studio before some 2 years ago, had a great time with her friends and couldn't believe the changes we have made to the studio just for Pop Star Party goers. The red carpet room was really popular but to make things slightly different today we had a wide angle lens to take the photos with - more practice needed maybe but some interesting new shots.
 The girls sang 1 Direction's classic What Makes You Beautiful very well and couldn't wait to rip into the buffet.

 After the photo shoot on the red carpet and for the CD (and just to use a new lens!) Hollie took on a favourite song of mine b Cher LLoyd - Want U Back - we had a lot of fun with the track and everyone enjoyed the disco at the end - smoke machine working overtime again!!

 Happy Birthday Hollie and really well done.

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Monday, March 5

Hen's have Pop Star Party at Born in a Barn Studio

Andrea's Army came to the studio recently and had a top time singing, eating, drinking and partying to help see Andrea on her way with her pre-marriage celebrations.
At Born in a Barn Studio we like to think we throw a decent party and hens get a special song written for them in advance. Getting a gang of girls to sing a song under such pressure is always gonna be a challenge but we really succeeded with Andrea and her aisle song 'Andreas Army' is sounding awesome already.

So what happens at Pop Star Party for a 'Hen' celebration? - Just follow the pictures to see for yourself - we get through a lot and Andrea's was 4 hours, but you can have more.

 After the initial greeting at the barn doors we whisk you off through BB Studio to the all NEW Cedar Pod and everyone gets a bit of bubbly to toast the bride-2-be and we strut about outside if the weather is OK.

 Generally this doesn't last long and people want a top up!

 You can choose your buffet theme and today it was Spanish so there was plenty of Chorizo sausage and salsa. Other themes are American or Italian.

 Not wanting to waste too much time we crack on with the first of the group songs where it usually starts to get a bit giggly.

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 There is an order to the party and this girly group had a complete day order - very organised. There were quite a few teachers in the group tho!!
 After the first song we have a photo session to try and get a good one for the CD, then it's either more group singing to chosen favourite songs or we tackle the specially written hen song (courtesy of RantProd Music Production) and this is where things get totally funny - and a bit cheeky!
 If you're not singing then you can chill out and finish off the buffet - there's actually plenty of seats but some of us like sitting on the floor it seems!!
 When all the singing is done - and sometimes whilst the singing is still going on! - the live room gets transformed to a disco room with lasers and smoke and strobes and plenty of laughs.

Congratulations Andrea and I hope you will be very happy with you man - good luck!!!!!!