Friday, May 25

Walsgrave 13 year olds have ace pop star party

Megan from Walsgrave and her 8 friends had an amazing party with us at Born in a Barn Studio and really got into everything including our new release on YouTube 'Jubilation Nation', as the studio is full of all the stuff we used for the video, due for release midnight! They all got pics with the boards we used in the video!!

She had chosen Sexy and I Know It and they changed a few words to make it a bit more like a group singing it which really worked - well done everyone.
The solo was Taylor Swifts Love Story and she did this really well under some pressure to learn the last part.

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 Our new party room 'Jessie's' was really enjoyed and there wasn't much left from the buffet - but the best bit was everyone tweeting #JN (Jubilation Nation) and Jessie J at the end telling her to come here - lol - wicked!! Nice work girls.

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