Saturday, June 2

Kenilworth 18yr olds sing Queen for the Jubilee Weekend

It is the Queen's 60th Diamond Jubilee weekend and Emily had chosen to sing a song by Queen - 'We are the Champions' and how appropriate was that!!!!
Easy stuff and fun to do but we needed to step it up a bit and the next song was a Justin Bieber number - 'Baby' - not satisfied with this we went the whole hog and threw in Britney Spears track to finish off with 'Oooops! I did it Again'. All sung with effortless 18 year old cool.

All the group had a fun time and we took loads more pics to help promote the Queen's Jubilee weekend parties and of course our studio signature track 'Jubilation Nation' - which can be seen on YouTube - click the link!

Everyone entered the spirit of 'waving yer jacks' just for a while. The older teenage parties are slightly different from the younger ones and managed to record 3 tracks today- well done everyone!
Its great to see people of all ages enjoying the Jubilee weekend at Pop Star Party - cheers!

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