Sunday, June 3

Leicestershire 12 year olds at Pop Star Party

Flo had a wonderful party which had been rearranged at lightning speed very last minute but we didn't let this spoil anything - the party went really well and all her mates were very good singers.
The group song was Price Tag and we did it split down in to individual lines - not the normal way to go but Hey its Jubilee weekend and anything goes.

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 They were already very aware of the studio's new song Jubilation Nation but not everyone had seen it, so we obviously all enjoyed a quick viewing of the video - which has passed well over 3000 hits on YouTube today!!! After this everyone wanted to 'shake their Jack' as the song suggests!! and we had a special Jubilee photo shoot as you can see.

Flo had chosen to sing Broke Strings by James Morrisson which was a surprising choice but she delivered it very well - nice one Flo.

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  1. It was slightly stressful to have to re-arrange our party at the last minute but once we got there the girls had a fantastic time.