Sunday, July 1

Alcester 13yr olds record songs at pop star party

Meganne and her carefully selected crew of top brass singers have amazingly laid back party at BBStudio singing Taylor Swift's Love Story and doing a really great version involving lots of well prepared solo lines. It's great to see party pals getting so into the party spirit.

 After the light buffet we had the photo shoot and then cracked straight into a bit of Rihanna (Rhi Rhi to her mates!) and after quite a bit of typical teenaged discussion we got another superb track recorded and mixed - nice work girls - glad you enjoyed the day - see yu soon.

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1 comment:

  1. Thank you Roger - my daughter and all her crew had such a coooool time at her pop star party! They also loved their CD's! Mum and Dad were impressed too! A great way to celebrate a teenager's birthday!!