Sunday, July 1

Solihull Superstars enjoy birthday party reording songs

Grace from Wellesbourne and her gang og girlies from Solihull enjoyed a summery (at last) pop star party choosing to sing Carly Rae Jepson's Call Me Maybe to kick the party off with.

 After the photo shoot and buffet nibbles Grace did agree to trying a solo and sang our Jessie J's Domino very well. The girls all embraced mucking about with the masks and even the Mums did - we actively encourage fun at BB Studio! Top stuff all round and i hope you enjoy the hoody - nice one Dad!

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 Look forward to seeing a lot of you again and from what I remember it wont be long. Here is Grace on the hot spot box!


  1. Fantastic party, enjoyed by all, even the Mums!!
    Definately will be returning.In the words of the girls "BEST PARTY EVER". My daughter already asking me to book her party with you.

  2. Fantastic party!! Enjoyed by all, even the Mums!!! In the words of the girls "BEST PARTY EVER" Definately will be returning.