Tuesday, September 4

Birmingham 14 year olds have fun at Pop Star Party

Christi had a great party with us this week at Born in a Barn Studio to celebrate her 14th birthday. All the girls were completely unashamed of being non-singers but hey, they did a good job (after a little coaching) singing Summer of 69 as the group song. Most of all it we gad a lot of fun getting there!
After this came the photo session and so out came the make up and bling!

The solo went very well but Christi choosing a friend to sing with so we should call it a duet really. Fun was the word of this party and We Are Young (a popular choice at the mo) went quite well.

The smoke machine was of course abused by this lot and we could hardly see by the end - wicked party. Well done Christi.

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  1. Thanks Roger for organising a really great party for Christi and her friends. They had a fabulous time and said it was one of the best parties ever! Lots of laughing, singing and chatting on the way home. Some great photos too.