Saturday, October 13

13 year old Kenilworth kids have poptastic Pop Star Party

With such an appropriate name as Poppy I don't know why we haven't met at Pop Star Party before, but Poppy certainly had a great party.  Answers to the intro question of 'why are you a supercool popstar for the day?' were varied and random as always including:
cos im the coolest kid in the playground
cos im special in ev-er-y-way and indy!
cos im a tiger
cos YOLO - you only live once!
cos i got a blue shirt!!!!!

We're all learning new stuff today lol
So Poppy the Perfectly Poised Princess of Pop chose to sing One Direction's 'One Thing' and then Nikki Minaj's 'Super Bass' both as group songs and both went as chaotically as each other - theres a lorra strong characters in this bright bunch! Not too sure about the choreography tho!

Top party well done everyone and I'm sure I'll see you again round here.

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