Tuesday, October 30

Baby thankfuly NOT Born in a Barn at Pop Star Party

It was a nerve racking party to run for Coventry cool-kid Chloe and her friends, since her Mum was heavily pregnant and with only 6 days to go we didn't want anything to go wrong!!!!!

Mind the step has never been said soooo many times but of course everything went really well. Even with 1 guest arriving late (not an omen i hope) Chloe had a great time and took on 2 new songs. Well kinda - 'Wings' by Little Mix has become very popular recently and the group made it sound easy. The solo was interesting tho - Taylor Swifts, 'We're Never Ever Getting Back Together' is a great track but it shows how hard it is to sing like this when you do it for real. Well done girls - hope the birth goes well this weekend. We even had a bit of Psy's Gangnam Style thrown in during the photo shoot.

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  1. Hi I just wanted to say a massive thanks for yesterday! Chloe had the
    best birthday!