Tuesday, October 30

Shrewsbury 14 year olds have hectic Halloween Pop Star Party

Melissa and Olivia have reached 14 and they are twins but don't do everything the same way, at all.
A great party tho that ran over a bit as some decision making seemed to take forever lol - with 2 new songs been sung at the party there was a lot to decide about - believe me. First up was Rihanna's Diamonds which went very well and there were 7 girls to sing the 7 lines at the end - easy?? No!!

Next up we had Taylor Swifts We Are Never Ever Getting Back (It - ed!) Together - a simple little tune with quite a bit of American spoken voice bits - tricky yes but trickier to decide who was gonna do them. Patience is a very important thing for any recording engineer/producer/audience/parent or singer!!! However after a while we got there and the track came out really fun - well done everyone.

Top fun party tho and even Peter the Pumpkin had fun. We witnessed some great/bizarre posing on the mic in pop star parade - thats what its all about really - well done everyone!

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