Monday, December 3

Henley in Arden 8 year olds rock it up at Pop Star Party

Harry from Henley in Arden is a keen drummer and was more into Indie Rock than pop but this didn't stop him having a great time at his party. We set the drum kit up for him and he all but disappeared behind it when he had a go to show off his percussive talents.  Keep it up Harry - drumming is a lot of fun.

Going a bit off the normal track he had also rewritten the words to his chosen group song Park Life by Blur (from the 80's) and instead had a unique set of words titled School Life!  It took a while but with good coaching (from Dad as well) we got there and the finished track as ever sounded cool - well done Harry.

A spirited group and we all had some excellent home made cake at the end.

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