Wednesday, December 19

Warwickshire 12 year olds top the bill for Pop Star Party

Ella had an amazing party today. Her 12 friends were all great singers & great personalities and the songs went exceptionally well, making the party a pleasure to run. Choosing 2 songs as group songs Ella kicked off in style with LMFAO's 'Sexy & I Know It' which took no time to record as they were such an organised group. Buzzing from the start we took a break from singing and did the photo shoot in Pop Star Parade (our purpose built red carpet room where personalities come to life) then had a bit of buffet food then straight back in to sing Labrinth's 'Beneath Your Beautiful'. Who needs Emile Sandé when Ella is in the studio?!! Top group song and and Ella added a little solo part in the middle. Well done everyone - see yu all soon.
Oh how could i forget? - the cake was amazing - a purpose made Born in a Barn Party birthday cake - will post about this tomorrow - wicked!!

Crazy photos - crazy day - nice one!!

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