Monday, January 28

Walsall wannabe's make their pop star party shine

It was a One Direction focussed party with Amrissa who was 8 and brought a party of 8 to the studio. Not only this but they were all from the same class - of only 8! Anyway the group song went well as they must have done lots of practice before hand and after a couple of little advisory notes about how to sing it we got a great version of 1D's What Makes You Beautiful.

Then it was posing time in our very own purpose built Pop Star Parade - a room with a red carpet, crazy mirrors and more lights than you could mention. Amrissa had a massive buffet today as her Mum had brought quite a lot extra but the cake stole the show - a grand piano all iced to perfection and even with the lid up - amazing - see below.

So, Amrissa had chosen a top number from Victoria Justice & she sang it like the title - Make It Shine was jaw dropping - she is only 8 and if she continues like this will surely be a pop star soon.

Well done everybody - top day.

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Sunday, January 20

Solihull 13 year olds have a dangerous party

Gosh - those kids in Solihull know how to do a pop star party! Even tho' the snow had been a concern for a few hours there was nothing gonna stop these girls having their party at Born in a Barn Studio.

Yesterday there was 6 inches of snow at the farm and today after an night of thawing we had easily anouther 3 inches but this party was meant to happen.

Lara and her 10 girl friendss from Solihull were dressed to party on a beach i think when they arrived - lucky the barn does get so warm.  Kicking straight into a favourite Rihanna track 'We Found Love (in a dangerous place)' went really smoothly.  Its a good party track in many ways as the words are easy and quite repetitive so good choice Lara.  Both groups absolutely nailed their session and the finished track was almost better than Rihanna herself!!  After a very swish photoshoot of some very cool looking girls they headed to the party hangout room for some food - i've never heard the room so noisy.  Presumably Lara was having a great time! The solo was a real treat tho - Adele beware.  When Lara sang 'Somone Like You' the control room went silent - Lara definitely has her own unique voice and her delivery just got better with each take - superb.

After all the recording was complete we had a disco and the poor smoke machine was in overdrive - see you all soon.

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Monday, January 14

10 year old Coventry boys rock up for their Pop Star Party

Zinzan form Coventry brought a massive group of crazy kids to his party - it must be fun being their teacher at King Henry VIII - this lot are noisy, loud and do not understand "sssssssshhhh"!!!

So at the start I announced it was battle on between me and 12 of them - I think they won technically but we did get 2 very unique sounding songs recorded. The group song was cool - LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It - there's so much i could say but guys I think you need to ask the girls!!  After a bit of coaching we got it all down tho' proving they could sing really!

During the photo shoot we tried some choreographed shots and you can see how this went!! Stand still??? No chance!!!!

I've never heard Happy Birthday shouted quite so wildly and then it was time for We Will Rock You by Queen - poor Freddie would have winced if he was alive so we decided to go for a solo version instead.  Given that the backing track to this is very light musically i think Zinzan did a very good job (there was so much riot going on in the control room its a miracle we got anything recorded!!).

So then we had a disco and the studio got turned upside down and put back together at least 12 times - top party lads - see you all again I'm sure.

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Leamington gils have a humdinger of a party at BB Studio

Alicia is now10 and likes to travel in the maximum of comfort. She doesn't like to travel alone and so needs a very very big car.  Thanks to Xtreme Limousines she was able to pop to the party ticking all the boxes.

Singing I Knew You Were trouble by the lovely Taylor Swift gave me a big clue as to how this party might go - there were some very big characters in this group!!  After the photos and food they sang another group song - this time  it was The Script's Hall of Fame which went equally well - some great singers all having a very noisy day and making the most of everything.

I don't think this party was ever going to stop actually, as you can see the fun going on in the limo as they left, sporting a top hoody and dishing out the drinks!

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9 year olds from Coundon Coventry birthday party fun

Sophie had a The Wanted themed party with her friends singing Gold Forever and then balanced it out nicely with good old classic Price Tag by Jessie J - she was the first to admire our brand new pencil drawing of her as well agreed it was super cool!  Both songs went really well and the disco at the end was awesome. After the photoshoot in Pop Star Parade the kdis were asked who runs the best parties and the picture below shows their answer!!!!!

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Sunday, January 6

Pop Star Party goes back to the 70s for fun

Yup - this was a great way to start the year. Angela booked a party for her friend Lesley's 'forty-somethingth' birthday! 
The crew arrived in a minibus at 4pm and i was wished best luck by the driver - little did he know i am quite used to kids going crazy in the barn!! But these kids were a bit more grown up than normal and absolutely let rip - fuelled on champagne at the Ansty Hall Hotel during the early afternoon, this was gonna be a crazy few hours.

Abba was the theme and so we got straight into singing Dancing Queen - there was obviously a lot of dancing but not entirely sure about the singing - lol!! Only joking ladies - it was wonderful.

After the first song we had a break - only for more wine - then we got the girls back in for a very happy recital of happy birthday - they all even knew the words to this! I dont think there was quiet moment in all 3 hours.

After this was the photo shoot in our very own unique room called Pop Star Parade and we had some very interesting poses in there - a couple are shown below. Fortunately we had of course put on a bit of buffet food so everyone could calm down a bit.

This proved very popular to help soak up the 'fun'. We do themed buffets on request. We even write songs for some - ask!

Then it was solo time and Lesley's friends were literally bursting (more literally than you might imagine) to hear her sing Money, Money, Money!  It went pretty well and went even better when various 'helpers' rolled in to assist with things like holding the words the right way up!

But after the disco at the end it was sadly time for the ladies to leave and move on to a chosen restaurant for more celebrations in town. And breathe!!!!!!!!!!

Pop Star Party is mainly for kids but we run adult parties quite often too. In fact we have now completed the set up for a whole new service called Pop Celeb Party, run by Born in a Barn Studio.  Our brand new service Pop Celeb Party - is mainly focussed on Stag/Hen parties but as you can see - we can make any party rock.

 Top costumes everyone, great party and the singing wasn't too bad either!!! See you on the next one!
(The video is being made btw and will be available very soon)

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9 year olds from Goscoat, Leicestershire have top pop star party

Sunday afternoon was a great laugh when this group of 9 year olds rolled into the farmyard. Jaime-Rose is a very good little singer actually and had her group very well prepared. First up was a group song and they sang Olly Murs' Troublemaker with no probs at all - we had to go over the rap a little (but i guess copying Flo Rida is quite a challenge at 9).  After the photo shoot (horror show!), catwalk and a bit a food we set the live room up for a solo spot and JR sang CRJ's Call Me Maybe in 1 - phew!

We had the usual disco at the end but this group seemed to enjoy having just about every light turned off rather than having all the lasers, strobes and spots on - whatever works!!!!!

Well done to the Leicester crew!

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