Monday, January 14

10 year old Coventry boys rock up for their Pop Star Party

Zinzan form Coventry brought a massive group of crazy kids to his party - it must be fun being their teacher at King Henry VIII - this lot are noisy, loud and do not understand "sssssssshhhh"!!!

So at the start I announced it was battle on between me and 12 of them - I think they won technically but we did get 2 very unique sounding songs recorded. The group song was cool - LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It - there's so much i could say but guys I think you need to ask the girls!!  After a bit of coaching we got it all down tho' proving they could sing really!

During the photo shoot we tried some choreographed shots and you can see how this went!! Stand still??? No chance!!!!

I've never heard Happy Birthday shouted quite so wildly and then it was time for We Will Rock You by Queen - poor Freddie would have winced if he was alive so we decided to go for a solo version instead.  Given that the backing track to this is very light musically i think Zinzan did a very good job (there was so much riot going on in the control room its a miracle we got anything recorded!!).

So then we had a disco and the studio got turned upside down and put back together at least 12 times - top party lads - see you all again I'm sure.

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