Monday, January 14

Leamington gils have a humdinger of a party at BB Studio

Alicia is now10 and likes to travel in the maximum of comfort. She doesn't like to travel alone and so needs a very very big car.  Thanks to Xtreme Limousines she was able to pop to the party ticking all the boxes.

Singing I Knew You Were trouble by the lovely Taylor Swift gave me a big clue as to how this party might go - there were some very big characters in this group!!  After the photos and food they sang another group song - this time  it was The Script's Hall of Fame which went equally well - some great singers all having a very noisy day and making the most of everything.

I don't think this party was ever going to stop actually, as you can see the fun going on in the limo as they left, sporting a top hoody and dishing out the drinks!

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