Sunday, January 6

Pop Star Party goes back to the 70s for fun

Yup - this was a great way to start the year. Angela booked a party for her friend Lesley's 'forty-somethingth' birthday! 
The crew arrived in a minibus at 4pm and i was wished best luck by the driver - little did he know i am quite used to kids going crazy in the barn!! But these kids were a bit more grown up than normal and absolutely let rip - fuelled on champagne at the Ansty Hall Hotel during the early afternoon, this was gonna be a crazy few hours.

Abba was the theme and so we got straight into singing Dancing Queen - there was obviously a lot of dancing but not entirely sure about the singing - lol!! Only joking ladies - it was wonderful.

After the first song we had a break - only for more wine - then we got the girls back in for a very happy recital of happy birthday - they all even knew the words to this! I dont think there was quiet moment in all 3 hours.

After this was the photo shoot in our very own unique room called Pop Star Parade and we had some very interesting poses in there - a couple are shown below. Fortunately we had of course put on a bit of buffet food so everyone could calm down a bit.

This proved very popular to help soak up the 'fun'. We do themed buffets on request. We even write songs for some - ask!

Then it was solo time and Lesley's friends were literally bursting (more literally than you might imagine) to hear her sing Money, Money, Money!  It went pretty well and went even better when various 'helpers' rolled in to assist with things like holding the words the right way up!

But after the disco at the end it was sadly time for the ladies to leave and move on to a chosen restaurant for more celebrations in town. And breathe!!!!!!!!!!

Pop Star Party is mainly for kids but we run adult parties quite often too. In fact we have now completed the set up for a whole new service called Pop Celeb Party, run by Born in a Barn Studio.  Our brand new service Pop Celeb Party - is mainly focussed on Stag/Hen parties but as you can see - we can make any party rock.

 Top costumes everyone, great party and the singing wasn't too bad either!!! See you on the next one!
(The video is being made btw and will be available very soon)

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