Sunday, January 20

Solihull 13 year olds have a dangerous party

Gosh - those kids in Solihull know how to do a pop star party! Even tho' the snow had been a concern for a few hours there was nothing gonna stop these girls having their party at Born in a Barn Studio.

Yesterday there was 6 inches of snow at the farm and today after an night of thawing we had easily anouther 3 inches but this party was meant to happen.

Lara and her 10 girl friendss from Solihull were dressed to party on a beach i think when they arrived - lucky the barn does get so warm.  Kicking straight into a favourite Rihanna track 'We Found Love (in a dangerous place)' went really smoothly.  Its a good party track in many ways as the words are easy and quite repetitive so good choice Lara.  Both groups absolutely nailed their session and the finished track was almost better than Rihanna herself!!  After a very swish photoshoot of some very cool looking girls they headed to the party hangout room for some food - i've never heard the room so noisy.  Presumably Lara was having a great time! The solo was a real treat tho - Adele beware.  When Lara sang 'Somone Like You' the control room went silent - Lara definitely has her own unique voice and her delivery just got better with each take - superb.

After all the recording was complete we had a disco and the poor smoke machine was in overdrive - see you all soon.

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  1. Roger, thanks very much for a wonderful Birthday Party that Lara and her friends thoroughly enjoyed!

    The snow certainly didn't put any of them off!

    I very much appreciate your constant communication in the run up to the party. The weather was an obvious concern but none of the girls wanted to cancel and thankfully, neither did you :)

    We all thought that you were very professional, not just a kids party organiser! The kids thought they were real popstars for the day!