Sunday, February 3

Wolston 12 year olds workin' it at Pop Star Party

It was weird one to begin with as Lottie and her mates from Wolston and Rugby drifted into the barn for their return party - nearly a year on since they were last here and now it was all Blackberries and commotion, so much so we almost forgot to actually start!
Everything seemed to go a bit slowly in round 1 of the 'battle to get some stuff recorded' as we got into the first song by 1D singing Live While You're Young - but after a good shouting of 'lets go crazy crazy crazy ....' we got em fired up!!

The photo shoot was fun and i would say their are def some divas developing in this group!!

So into round 2 and things went much better - must have been the popcorn - CRJs Call Me Maybe was a breeze and they couldn't wait to hit the disco and of course the smoke machine.  Even the mums were dancing to Sexy and I Know It!! Brilliant - see you all soon.

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