Saturday, March 2

Baddersley 10 year olds at Pop Star Party

All the way from Baddersley near Atherstone came Kaitlin with her 5 friends.  5 is an unusual number but I found out why at the end when a superbly polished bright pink stretch limo turned up to take her and her party including mum & gran back home!!

This was to be a slightly unusual party as there was an extra twist thrown in.  If you have heard about the recent craze hitting YouTube virally you may know about the Harlem Shake.  We just had to make a video to contribute to the frenzy at Born in a Barn Studio and making 1 with a group of kids enjoying themselves at Pop Star Party was the 1st of 3 we have planned.  1 new video was uploaded every 20 seconds this week for the Harlem Shake revolution!!  Our video will be uploaded by Monday evening latest.  We were endorsed by Mask-arade to make this video which meant not only did the girls get to be the 1st to use our new One Direction masks, but their identities would not be revealed on YouTube.

Kaitlin had a great party singing first, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson as a group, then Wings by Little Mix.  A very well rehearsed group and both went very smoothly with some great fun posing for the photos in Pop Star Parade.  Below is them trying to look moody - not easy after all the excitement of making their first movie and cutting their first disk!

Well done girls - watch this blog for news on the vid - thanks!!

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  1. An absolutely amazing party thank you Roger, many thanks again Karen and Kaitlin x