Sunday, March 10

Balsall Common blighters have a blast at Pop Star Party

It was a hectic one.  Jessica had her 9th birthday with us at Pop Star Party and brought a few select friends from Balsall Common with her to sing her fave songs - Obviously we had to have a Jessie J song and first up for the group song was 'Stand Up'.  Not an easy song to sing as a group since the real Jessie puts sooooo much vocal acrobatics into things so we decided to let birthday Jessica sing the verses alone and have her group join in for the chorus' and other bits - genius! After a little practice we got there - well done everyone.

The photo shoot on the red carpet in Pop Star Parade went very well and everyone enjoyed pretending to be a band and in fact it looks like One Direction turned up for a bit!  (Masks very kindly provided by Mask-arade) After this they were fired off into 'Jessie's Pout' - the party hangout room, for some food to fuel them for the next singing bits and disco.

Jessica had chosen to do a solo and picked possibly the classiest song around to date - Skyfall by Adele.  Well why not pick the UKs best singer to copy - good job Jessica - keep it up and one day you might be at the Oscars collecting awards.

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