Saturday, March 30

Meridan 8 year olds make Harlem Shake video at Pop Star Party

Millie is a live wire for sure and wanted to make a Harlem Shake video - so we did!
After recording her 1st song choice of One Directions One Way of Another, which went really well thankfully we had plenty of time to set the room up for a quick crazy video.

All the girls were great actors and we soon devised a simple plan to make our own Harlem Shake video using the 1D masks kindly donated by Mask-arade.  This video was literally made in less than 8 minutes!!!

After this and the photo shoot n buffet they did a great little version of Jessie J's Domino and we all enjoyed the disco at the end - top party - see yu all soon.  From the graffiti board I think its safe to say everyone had a great party!

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