Monday, April 29

Coventry 8 year olds have a 1st Communion Pop Star Party!

Anything is possible and why not turn Pop Star Party into your own party - it doesn't have to be a birthday - we like and enjoy parties for any celebration so a 1st Communion Party seemed perfect!

I absolutely bet that Alice wasn't as wild at church as she was at her party tho - but we like chaos - organised of course.

So, 1st up for the group song was Taylor Swifts WANEGBT! A great song to get a party going, not that we needed to do this today!!!!!  A fairly organised photo shoot followed and then the piled into our Green Room named 'Jessies Pout - the Party Hangout' for their little buffet - not surprisingly these noisy mouths ate the lot!

After the refuelling they were back on the mic to sing Jessie J's classic Price Tag which went so well it was disco time.  Today was the 2nd time we were using our new monitor in the disco room to display the pics taken during the photo shoot and i think its safe to say all the kids enjoyed seeing themselves - cool.

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Rugby 12 year olds try something new at pop star party

Lucy had lotta laughs with her best friends from Rugby and totally enjoyed every minute with us at her party.  She wanted to sing Something New by Girls Aloud and made a pretty dam fine job of it too.  The photo shoot was like running an actual award ceremony with these divas and the decor off the wall became an integral part, but great fun. Maisie asked if she could do the splits on the red carpet - looks like she could!!

After a quick bit to eat in the party hangout they couldn't wait to get back in and sing Kiss You by One Direction - great party.

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Saturday, April 27

Leamington Spa 9 year olds have High School Musical Pop Star Party

Kayleigh had a great party with her friends - live wires this lot!!
Fist song to sing as the group was a High School Musical song which is a little unusual at pop star party but hey we like to be different - A Night To Remember.  A tricky song in many ways as its so cleverly produced but the backing track was good and we got a nice version - well done girls!

After the craziness of the photoshoot and a fairly substantial munching of all the food they cold find in the party hangout room we gathered for the solo and Kayleigh had chosen Somewhere Over the Rainbow and after a couple of little warm up sang it very nicely indeed.  Top job, great disco too and a final bit of good news - the smoke machine is back!!!!!!!!

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Monday, April 22

Burbage & Hinckley baby-group have 'Christmas Party' on Marathon Day at Pop Star Party!!!

I don't know what they are fed in Hinckley but its different from what I eat!

So to explain the title this was no ordinary party and had been arranged a while.  The group all know each other since birth and have stayed close friends with parties arranged every year for the group - but since they are all born around Christmas they find it easier to do it later in the year.  As some have younger brothers and sisters too there is now a bit age range from 5-11.

For those that know the studio - its lucky we have a step which really helps with getting everyone the same height.  Anyway, so this 'baby-group' decided to sing a One Direction song and because it was London Marathon Day,  figured we would sing it running on the spot, wearing 1D masks whilst singing One Way Or Another - task on!

It went relatively well and we even shot a fun little video for them to remember it.

After the photo shoot and food in the 'party hangout' we took a slightly easier song with less complication sand everyone sang Maroon 5's Moves Like Jagger very well indeed. Well done everyone.

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Wyken (Coventry) 11 year olds have arty Pop Star Party

Annabelle enjoyed her 11th birthday with us at the barn last week and a big group of 12 friends.

As they arrived I was informed she wanted to do both songs with the group so we started on Domino by Jessie J which did go really well for such a excited group! Things calmed down a little after this for the photo shoot - plenty of divas in this party! Staging the band photo was a bit chaotic tho.

So after the food we started on 22 by Taylor Swift with lots of discussion of how to actually pronounce Taylor's first name.  By now,  Annabelle had decided she wanted to do 1 verse on her own so we set her up for a solo and she got into it so much she nearly did the whole track - it's great when our pop stars relax so much they come out of their shells and give it their best - well done Annabelle.

Well done to her Mum for arranging the party at such short notice too!

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Sunday, April 14

Stourbridge 8 year olds have HummerDinger Pop Star Party with HD video too

Lottie's party was fantastic - 15 friends and Lottie from Stourbridge to celebrate her 8th birthday and all arriving in some style in their massive white Hummer -how cool.  So we had to make a video - you can see this on this site here.

So after the initial pandemonia of everyone arriving and settling we got into the first song which was Taylor Swifts WANEGBT - thankfully it went very smoothly and we had plenty of time to shoot some video then it was posing time in pop star parade and tons of photos before they were let loose on th food in the party hangout.

Fuelled even more they were straight back to sing happy birthday then it was Lottie's solo time, a little nervous but she had a great mate with her to whack out Carly Rae Jepsons Call Me Maybe under spot lights and to a very excited audience before they all calmed down in the disco. NOT!!

Limo waiting outside at the end all the girls piled out and straight in as it was raining a bit - well sung everyone and top partyyyyyyy!!!

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Tuesday, April 9

Party in pink in the big pink limo at Pop Star Party

Driving to the studio to set up for the party I saw this massive pink flamed up Hummer sitting in a roadside lay by and remember thinking 'wow these cars just get wilder'!  2 hours later it is sitting outside the studio and heaps of 7 year olds are piling out of it!!  It looked pretty snazzy inside too - well jell!!

Emily had an amazing party with her big group of singers who had chosen to do Carly Rae Jepson's Call Me Maybe and Abba's Dancing Queen as group songs.  Her mum had prepared laminated song sheets and everyone was dressed to kill - proper pop stars in the making.  The singing went very well (we don't run parties for many 7 year old groups!) and the photo sessions in our red carpet room, Pop Star Parade, was very dramatic - some great characters.

Later there was in fact a feast going on in our green room named 'Jessies Pout - the Party Hangout', as Emily's mum brought heaps of extra food.  What a busy party but a pleasure to run.  Well done everyone (especially mum!) - see you all again one day I'm sure.

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