Monday, April 22

Burbage & Hinckley baby-group have 'Christmas Party' on Marathon Day at Pop Star Party!!!

I don't know what they are fed in Hinckley but its different from what I eat!

So to explain the title this was no ordinary party and had been arranged a while.  The group all know each other since birth and have stayed close friends with parties arranged every year for the group - but since they are all born around Christmas they find it easier to do it later in the year.  As some have younger brothers and sisters too there is now a bit age range from 5-11.

For those that know the studio - its lucky we have a step which really helps with getting everyone the same height.  Anyway, so this 'baby-group' decided to sing a One Direction song and because it was London Marathon Day,  figured we would sing it running on the spot, wearing 1D masks whilst singing One Way Or Another - task on!

It went relatively well and we even shot a fun little video for them to remember it.

After the photo shoot and food in the 'party hangout' we took a slightly easier song with less complication sand everyone sang Maroon 5's Moves Like Jagger very well indeed. Well done everyone.

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