Monday, April 29

Coventry 8 year olds have a 1st Communion Pop Star Party!

Anything is possible and why not turn Pop Star Party into your own party - it doesn't have to be a birthday - we like and enjoy parties for any celebration so a 1st Communion Party seemed perfect!

I absolutely bet that Alice wasn't as wild at church as she was at her party tho - but we like chaos - organised of course.

So, 1st up for the group song was Taylor Swifts WANEGBT! A great song to get a party going, not that we needed to do this today!!!!!  A fairly organised photo shoot followed and then the piled into our Green Room named 'Jessies Pout - the Party Hangout' for their little buffet - not surprisingly these noisy mouths ate the lot!

After the refuelling they were back on the mic to sing Jessie J's classic Price Tag which went so well it was disco time.  Today was the 2nd time we were using our new monitor in the disco room to display the pics taken during the photo shoot and i think its safe to say all the kids enjoyed seeing themselves - cool.

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