Tuesday, April 9

Party in pink in the big pink limo at Pop Star Party

Driving to the studio to set up for the party I saw this massive pink flamed up Hummer sitting in a roadside lay by and remember thinking 'wow these cars just get wilder'!  2 hours later it is sitting outside the studio and heaps of 7 year olds are piling out of it!!  It looked pretty snazzy inside too - well jell!!

Emily had an amazing party with her big group of singers who had chosen to do Carly Rae Jepson's Call Me Maybe and Abba's Dancing Queen as group songs.  Her mum had prepared laminated song sheets and everyone was dressed to kill - proper pop stars in the making.  The singing went very well (we don't run parties for many 7 year old groups!) and the photo sessions in our red carpet room, Pop Star Parade, was very dramatic - some great characters.

Later there was in fact a feast going on in our green room named 'Jessies Pout - the Party Hangout', as Emily's mum brought heaps of extra food.  What a busy party but a pleasure to run.  Well done everyone (especially mum!) - see you all again one day I'm sure.

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