Sunday, April 14

Stourbridge 8 year olds have HummerDinger Pop Star Party with HD video too

Lottie's party was fantastic - 15 friends and Lottie from Stourbridge to celebrate her 8th birthday and all arriving in some style in their massive white Hummer -how cool.  So we had to make a video - you can see this on this site here.

So after the initial pandemonia of everyone arriving and settling we got into the first song which was Taylor Swifts WANEGBT - thankfully it went very smoothly and we had plenty of time to shoot some video then it was posing time in pop star parade and tons of photos before they were let loose on th food in the party hangout.

Fuelled even more they were straight back to sing happy birthday then it was Lottie's solo time, a little nervous but she had a great mate with her to whack out Carly Rae Jepsons Call Me Maybe under spot lights and to a very excited audience before they all calmed down in the disco. NOT!!

Limo waiting outside at the end all the girls piled out and straight in as it was raining a bit - well sung everyone and top partyyyyyyy!!!

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