Monday, April 22

Wyken (Coventry) 11 year olds have arty Pop Star Party

Annabelle enjoyed her 11th birthday with us at the barn last week and a big group of 12 friends.

As they arrived I was informed she wanted to do both songs with the group so we started on Domino by Jessie J which did go really well for such a excited group! Things calmed down a little after this for the photo shoot - plenty of divas in this party! Staging the band photo was a bit chaotic tho.

So after the food we started on 22 by Taylor Swift with lots of discussion of how to actually pronounce Taylor's first name.  By now,  Annabelle had decided she wanted to do 1 verse on her own so we set her up for a solo and she got into it so much she nearly did the whole track - it's great when our pop stars relax so much they come out of their shells and give it their best - well done Annabelle.

Well done to her Mum for arranging the party at such short notice too!

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