Sunday, June 30

Warwickshire wannabe's have wicked time at Pop Star Party

Charis was 10 recently and had her party today with us at BB Studio having an amazing time. What we packed into these 3 hours was nothing short of 'epic'!! Shooting footage for a HD film as we went made everything more intense and luckily the group were highly organised and followed direction very well indeed.
So first up was the now classic 'One Way or Another' by 1Direction.  It's a great song choice and works really well so it was no surprise we got that down in no time, leaving plenty of time for filming extras.  The photoshoot in Pop Star Parade was cool - like pro's the girls swaggered in, struck that special pop star pose and swaggered out. Top work girls.  There was quite a lot of extra food brought along so the buffet was more of a banquet which must have been good, as there nothing left - hungry work this singing. 
And after the food came the solo with Charis choosing to sing Pink's 'Just Give Me A Reason'.  We have never done this before at PSP and its tricky due to it being a 2 part thing, but was very well handled under the pressure and lights.  This left only a disco and lots of dancing fun - well done everyone.

Swadlincote 9.5 yr olds have an 'official' birthday at Pop Star Party

Unusual is a well worn term at Pop Star Party and one we like a lot. So to run an 'official' birthday (rather like the Queen has) was certainly unusual.  So Katie was born on Christmas Eve and this has made having a birthdya tricky but her ever inventive parents have gotten around the problem by having an official birthday, celebrated in June - result!

Katie had some wonderful friends all of which answered to the name of Ann - long story!!
So first up for the group singing choices was One Way or Another by 1Direction - it is by Blondie really but hey tings change - Debbie Harry if you are reading this please get in touch immediately cos I'm your biggest fan!

With 10 girls in this group it was organised chaos and with at least 10 strong characters was a noisy party but they did sing well - not always together but certainly 'reasonably' well! The girls asked me at one point if I thought they were singing 'reasonably well' - what a distinct question!

After the photoshoot (more chaos but highly amusing chaos) they had a break for the buffet and came back even more excited to sing CRJ's Call Me Maybe - well done everyone, we got there in the end - see you all again soon.

Coventry Sacred Hearts 11 yr olds have 1st Pop Star Party

Ruby from Sacred Hearts Catholic School had a wonderful party this weekend with her friends at Born in a Barn Studio to celebrate her 11th birthday.  Choosing to sing 2 group songs she launched into a Pop Star Part classic song 'California Gurls' by the mighty Katy Perry.  Its such a great song to get a party rolling and roll we surely did!  The photoshoot in Pop Star Parade went very well with some great divas in this group.  After the buffet break in our Party Hangout room they were straight back in to sing Diamonds by Rihanna which even tho it was a little last minute went surprisingly well.  Everyone was fired up and ready for the disco at the end too - great party.

Sunday, June 23

Leamington 9 year olds laugh a lot at Pop Star Party

Chloe had her 9th birthday with us recently at Pop Star Party and brought her best mates to sing Lollipop by Mika.  A cheeky number but quite easy to sing and the group did really well.  A lively lot from Leamington these ladies but we got the best from them of course.  Just 1 problem area in this track but after some care and focus we got the right parts delivered well!

After the photoshoot in Pop Star Parade (a chaotic but fun experience) they headed to the Party Hangout for some food and a very cool cake indeed - nice one Mum! 

The next bit was the surprise tho and when Chloe got the mic to herself she demonstrated that she had a wonderful voice and coped really well with Adele's classic 'Someone Like You'.  For a 9 year old this was great - well done Chloe.

Needless to say the disco with dry-ice/smoke and lzers and our NEW idea of pictures displayed on the screen in the live room went down great!

Saturday, June 22

Rugby 10 year olds really ready for Pop Star Party

Ellie and her friends form Rugby were amazingly organised.  Starting with Bridgit Mendler's Ready or Not was a great choice and since they were so well rehearsed we had it complete in 3 takes - well done everyone.  This gave a bit more time for the photoshoot and what a greta group they were.  After the buffet (all fruit and no Cornish pasties!!) they leapt into a second group song and took on the mighty Katy Perry.  This time and again with military precision they split into 3 groups and sang different sections - not something i advise as it usually causes unnecessary problems but today it didn't.  After only a few little retakes they nailed it!  No time to be tired and straight into the disco to keep this party rolling - nice one!

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Friday, June 21

Leicester 11 year olds have Little Mix Pop Star Party

Isabella had a top party recently focussed on Little Mix and everyone dressed like real popstars.  Choosing a group song of How Ya Doin? was a wicked way to get this party rolling with everyone singing it really well. After the photoshoot which was pretty involved especially considering there were 2 sets of twins in this group we got some full band photos and Isabella was the feature!  After food in the Party Hangout it was time for a solo and this time it was LM's Change Your Life - Isabella sang this very confidently and everyone enjoyed it giving almost 10's across the board with our scorecards - well done Izzy.

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Saturday, June 8

Pop Star Party prize at local talent contest

Sacred Hearts Catholic Primary School Summer Fete Talent Show contestant wins Pop Star Party as a prize. Congratulations to Isabelle for singing with so much emotion - you really meant it and this is why all the judges saw you as the most worthy winner.  Arrangements will be made through the school and we look forward to seeing you and your friends soon.

The stage was set - we had to stand the banner below the stage level as it was a bit windy - make it look really small,  lol.

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Warwick 10 year olds go wild at Pop Star Party

Kate was not late - she was dead on time and the party ran like clockwork.  I cold tell these girls had rehearsed and later found that some were in a stage school so this explained why the singing went really well.  Taking 2 classic Pop Star Party songs as group songs everyone sang their best and responded well to direction over some drop ins and the rap sections - well done. Jessie J would have been proud of this version of Price Tag and I think Taylor Swift would say the same about their cover of 22.

The photo shoot went very well with some cool divas in the group - no choreography attempted - too wild a group!!!!  Well done everyone.

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Monday, June 3

Kirby 10 year old kids at Pop Star Party

Josie and her mates form Kirby had a great party with lots of strange and different things happening. Every now and then the camera plays wonderful tricks on us - until today I had never seen anyone with just 1 leg but 2 feet!

So after the first take by the whole group (22 by Taylor Swift) we didn't know what to do - everyone sang so well - what a well rehearsed group! So they sang it again a few times just cos they enjoyed it so much lol.  After the photoshoot we normally go and eat the buffet but today something unique happened - Amelie had a tooth drop out - so we had to grab the camera and do some more!

Josie was a bit nervous of singing a solo but we had all had such a laugh she went for it. First tho she sent her group in to sing the chorus' - nice idea making it feel even more like the real thing - well done Josie.

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Kings Norton kids make HD video at Pop Star Party

Megan is 11 and brought half the school to her party! With 12 friends in tow this was a packed party indeed and we had to record 2 songs as a group and then make an HD video - it was a good job they were all great singers.  Things went very well with Little Mix's Wings to get them all into it and singing, dancing and of course a little bit of rioting.  The photo shoot was great too and we got a really cool 13 piece girl band pic (below) - some fantastic crazy characters in this group and some hungry ones - nothing left in the party hangout room after their buffet.  So after their food we took on the mighty Katy Perry and they sang California Gurls with ease leaving us plenty of time to take a video and record the moment - dance crazy this lot - well done Megan - good work gurls!!!!

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Bourneville 10 year olds have One Direction Pop Star Party

Ciara is crazy about 1D. Most of her friends are too and we had a great time running this party.  Hailing from Bourneville in Birmingham (home to some of the finest chocolate ever made!) Ciara turned up to her party with a big group of 12 friends and it was such a nice day it was almost a shame to be indoor.  Kicking straight into Kiss You the group sang very well and we got a super recording.  The photo session was very organised as well with lots of very good poses going and diva walks of course.  So after the buffet they regrouped to do it all again and sang Live While We're young before enjoying their disco at the end - top party everyone, see you soon.

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Saturday, June 1

Pop Star Party News

Well after 2 parties today i think everyone is ready for a rest but I wanted to make a quick mention of our own pop star in the making this week - here is the publicity info mentioned to many of the parents at todays party's - take a look and see what happens behind the scenes at the barn.  This video has received nearing 1000 hits in only 24 hours - amazing.

I have sponsored Jodie Duckworth (Miss Coventry 2013) in her bid to become the next Miss England and she is a finalist.
Why should you read any further? Jodie (a dancer) was literally on deaths door last year with massive liver problems and more - her story has been in the national papers.

So - we have written her a song (of course) and she has devised her own dance routine which she will perform live at the finals in Torquay in June.
To help promote the song we have produced a video which is a wonderful watch and shows the dance off really well.

Please forward this email and/or share the video link/song link when you can please.  
Most of all please download the song (cost = 79p) - all proceeds go to her charity Beauty With A Purpose and after watching the video I think you will agree she deserves support.

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