Sunday, June 30

Coventry Sacred Hearts 11 yr olds have 1st Pop Star Party

Ruby from Sacred Hearts Catholic School had a wonderful party this weekend with her friends at Born in a Barn Studio to celebrate her 11th birthday.  Choosing to sing 2 group songs she launched into a Pop Star Part classic song 'California Gurls' by the mighty Katy Perry.  Its such a great song to get a party rolling and roll we surely did!  The photoshoot in Pop Star Parade went very well with some great divas in this group.  After the buffet break in our Party Hangout room they were straight back in to sing Diamonds by Rihanna which even tho it was a little last minute went surprisingly well.  Everyone was fired up and ready for the disco at the end too - great party.

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  1. Love it !! Glad you had lots of fun girlies