Sunday, June 23

Leamington 9 year olds laugh a lot at Pop Star Party

Chloe had her 9th birthday with us recently at Pop Star Party and brought her best mates to sing Lollipop by Mika.  A cheeky number but quite easy to sing and the group did really well.  A lively lot from Leamington these ladies but we got the best from them of course.  Just 1 problem area in this track but after some care and focus we got the right parts delivered well!

After the photoshoot in Pop Star Parade (a chaotic but fun experience) they headed to the Party Hangout for some food and a very cool cake indeed - nice one Mum! 

The next bit was the surprise tho and when Chloe got the mic to herself she demonstrated that she had a wonderful voice and coped really well with Adele's classic 'Someone Like You'.  For a 9 year old this was great - well done Chloe.

Needless to say the disco with dry-ice/smoke and lzers and our NEW idea of pictures displayed on the screen in the live room went down great!

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