Saturday, June 1

Pop Star Party News

Well after 2 parties today i think everyone is ready for a rest but I wanted to make a quick mention of our own pop star in the making this week - here is the publicity info mentioned to many of the parents at todays party's - take a look and see what happens behind the scenes at the barn.  This video has received nearing 1000 hits in only 24 hours - amazing.

I have sponsored Jodie Duckworth (Miss Coventry 2013) in her bid to become the next Miss England and she is a finalist.
Why should you read any further? Jodie (a dancer) was literally on deaths door last year with massive liver problems and more - her story has been in the national papers.

So - we have written her a song (of course) and she has devised her own dance routine which she will perform live at the finals in Torquay in June.
To help promote the song we have produced a video which is a wonderful watch and shows the dance off really well.

Please forward this email and/or share the video link/song link when you can please.  
Most of all please download the song (cost = 79p) - all proceeds go to her charity Beauty With A Purpose and after watching the video I think you will agree she deserves support.

Visit: for all the information you need (mobile friendly too!)
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