Sunday, June 30

Swadlincote 9.5 yr olds have an 'official' birthday at Pop Star Party

Unusual is a well worn term at Pop Star Party and one we like a lot. So to run an 'official' birthday (rather like the Queen has) was certainly unusual.  So Katie was born on Christmas Eve and this has made having a birthdya tricky but her ever inventive parents have gotten around the problem by having an official birthday, celebrated in June - result!

Katie had some wonderful friends all of which answered to the name of Ann - long story!!
So first up for the group singing choices was One Way or Another by 1Direction - it is by Blondie really but hey tings change - Debbie Harry if you are reading this please get in touch immediately cos I'm your biggest fan!

With 10 girls in this group it was organised chaos and with at least 10 strong characters was a noisy party but they did sing well - not always together but certainly 'reasonably' well! The girls asked me at one point if I thought they were singing 'reasonably well' - what a distinct question!

After the photoshoot (more chaos but highly amusing chaos) they had a break for the buffet and came back even more excited to sing CRJ's Call Me Maybe - well done everyone, we got there in the end - see you all again soon.

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