Saturday, June 8

Warwick 10 year olds go wild at Pop Star Party

Kate was not late - she was dead on time and the party ran like clockwork.  I cold tell these girls had rehearsed and later found that some were in a stage school so this explained why the singing went really well.  Taking 2 classic Pop Star Party songs as group songs everyone sang their best and responded well to direction over some drop ins and the rap sections - well done. Jessie J would have been proud of this version of Price Tag and I think Taylor Swift would say the same about their cover of 22.

The photo shoot went very well with some cool divas in the group - no choreography attempted - too wild a group!!!!  Well done everyone.

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  1. The girls had a wonderful time at the party. Roger did a great job of helping them record their songs and they were thrilled with the results. They also enjoyed the food and disco afterwards - the smoke-machine was a particular hit! I can highly recommend the Born in the Barn studio for a kids birthday party!