Sunday, July 21

Pop Star Party prize winners rock in for a top party

Earlier this year I was asked to judge at a schools talent show in Coventry - Sacred Hearts Catholic School - and of course i offered a prize.  Isabelle certainly stood out from the rest and in my mind was a clear winner - today we held her party and she invited 8 friends to join her.

So after the group song (Lies by McFly) which was a nice change from the norm but went incredibly well we had the photoshoot and they buffet of course.  Obviously being a talented singer Isabelle had chosen to sing a solo, which turned out to be the song she won the competition with, Rolling in the Deep by Adele - after just 3 takes (somewhat distracted by her friends) she had nailed a great version so they could enjoy the disco/smoke/lasers and pictures at the end - giving me time to produce their video of the event at lightning speed!!!

Well done Isabelle and I hope to see you again soon.

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11 year olds from Kenilworth lost in music at Pop Star Party

Adele is very nearly 11 and at this time of year some well organised parents arrange the party a bit early - cos in August everyone is on holiday and its hard to get friends together.
Not for Adele who has just finished year 6 as she had a great Pop Star Party with us at Born in a Barn Studio recently.

Group song was How Ya Doin'? by those Little Mix scamps and things went well to start with. Backing tracks are not always identical so we had a bit of fun getting the right bits in the right places by the right girls but as always we got there - well done everyone for your perseverance - its not as easy as you might think recording a song is it!!!!

Running somewhat behind we managed a great photoshoot in our purpose built red carpet room, Pop Star Parade, as there were a lot of born diva's in this group - and hungry too - not much food left after having a feast in our Green Room named 'Jessies Pout- the Party Hangout'!!!

So it was time for Adele to sing her solo and she had picked a favourite of mine, 22 by Taylor Swift.  Things went very quiet in the control room as she first sang it and i think everyone was very impressed.  After a couple more takes we had a great copy and it was time for the girls to go clubbing in Club BB!!  Main lights off, smoke and new lights/lasers on - top fun - well done everyone hope to see you again soon!!! 

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Disco disco disco disco - Gangnam Style was popular at Pop Star Party

At Pop Star Party we try to please everyone and I think we mostly achieve great results. True enough when asked if I could run a disco for 5 year olds I was willing since they had already been let down - I think it's fair to say our disco/photoshoot and party food went down a treat for Tameka and her gang from Canley, Coventry and further afield. Coupled with some hair & nail treatment from Pamper Partners these girls got the royal treatment!

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Tuesday, July 16

10 year olds bring heatwave to Pop Star Party

After the party on Saturday i didn't think it could get any hotter but it did - all the doors were open and the air con on for Amelia's party today.  What a crazy hot atmosphere and we have tons of powerful lights in Pop Star Parade which makes it even more hot - but it didn't matter all the girls enjoyed it today.  A well organised bunch with some cool characters - but they did ask 'why?' a lot!! s(ee below).  Amelia had chosen to sing One Way or Another but those 1D boys and needless to say everyone knew the words - we tried some slick overlapping and just about got there but the main thing was everyone sang well.

After a wicked but far too hot photo session the girls enjoyed a munch and were fired up for song 2 - Brigit Mendlers' Ready or Not - excellent song and easy for party atmosphere - good choice.

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9 yr olds from Braunston have hot Pop Star Party

Evie had a great time at the barn recently for her 9th birthday with 10 of her friends.
Singing 2 songs as a group and kicking off with 1 Direction's What Makes You Beautiful this was a fast pace party.  Everyone had a great time singing but there was some confusion over ... well everything really ... but it made it even more fun!

After the photo shoot and quick bite to eat in The Party Hangout they were straight back on the mic to sing Jessie J's Price Tag - to add a twist Evie wanted to do the rap and after a little fast thinking we put this on first - result - no problem too large for us today - well done Evie - hope you enjoyed the day.

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Tuesday, July 9

Rugby 11 yr olds have Rihanna theme at Pop Star Party

Bethany from Rugby had a very posh party last friday evening arriving in style in a party bus and being collected in even more style in a huge stretch limo.

Her 7 friends had a wonderful time singing 1 Directions One Way or Another to get the party going.  A great bunch and very well rehearsed meant things went like clockwork with the first song so we had time to do some great photos using the coloured lights in Pop Star Parade - see below.

After all this and the buffet (not a left with this hungry group ) we had the solo song from Bethany - Only Girl in the World by Rihanna - and she gave it everything she had - top work. See you all again I'm sure.  Many thanks to Eezy Pezy too.