Tuesday, July 16

10 year olds bring heatwave to Pop Star Party

After the party on Saturday i didn't think it could get any hotter but it did - all the doors were open and the air con on for Amelia's party today.  What a crazy hot atmosphere and we have tons of powerful lights in Pop Star Parade which makes it even more hot - but it didn't matter all the girls enjoyed it today.  A well organised bunch with some cool characters - but they did ask 'why?' a lot!! s(ee below).  Amelia had chosen to sing One Way or Another but those 1D boys and needless to say everyone knew the words - we tried some slick overlapping and just about got there but the main thing was everyone sang well.

After a wicked but far too hot photo session the girls enjoyed a munch and were fired up for song 2 - Brigit Mendlers' Ready or Not - excellent song and easy for party atmosphere - good choice.

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